It all started because I wanted to create a different kind of devotional experience.

I wanted to inspire someone for more than a moment, to help them grasp the larger story of Scripture and come face-to-face with the love of God.

And so, I began to ask questions.

What if a devotional series could lead someone through an entire book of the Bible, a chapter or section at a time?

What if, along the way, it could bring bits of historical and cultural background to bear whenever helpful?

What if it could help connect the dots across all of Scripture so that readers could see the hand of God at work from Genesis to Revelation?

What if it could offer the fruits of a thorough Bible study in short, digestible readings, all the while pointing people to the beautiful and tender heart of God?

Over the years, I’ve written thousands of devotionals for ministries and magazines, both large and small. Sadly, editors and publishers often demand short, shallow devotionals from their writers—nothing too controversial, nothing too deep, just something that will give readers a jolt of inspiration. But all too often, I hear from readers who want just the opposite.

They want to go deeper into God’s Word. They want devotionals that aren’t afraid of the tough passages of Scripture. They want devotionals that will give them eyes to understand a story the way an ancient audience would have. Most of all, they want devotionals that will help them get more out of their time in the Bible.

Those are the kinds of devotionals I want to read too. And that’s why I created Pages of Joy.

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