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The Passion Translation Blog: “Longing for Our New Home”
LIFE TODAY Live—”Peaks and Valleys with John Greco” (video)
Pat Williams Power Hour—Keith Simons and John Greco
Heart & Humor with Doug and Jayme—The Ascent: John Greco
Hope Today—The Psalms (video)


⊕ “3 Psalms to Draw You Deeper into the Bible”

BibleGateway Blog
“You Can Always Use One More Translation, or Why I Read the NIVNKJVESVNLTNASBMSGKJVCSBNET Bible”
Interview: He Reads Truth Bible

The Bottom Line
“Making ‘The Ascent’ through the Book of Psalms

⊕ “The Psalms: God’s Epic Redemption Playlist”
⊕ “The Heaven We Can’t Wait For”
⊕ “Taking the ‘Me’ Out of Social Media”

⊕ “Finding God in the Bible’s Strangest Passages”
⊕ “Politics Without the Passion”
⊕ “Don’t Waste Your Unemployment”
⊕ “A New Way to Work”
⊕ “We Were Never Meant to Die”
⊕ “Can I Trust That God Is Good?”

⊕ “The Jesus We Need to Know”
⊕ “Have We Missed the Gospel at Christmas?”
⊕ “So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry”
⊕ “The Wide Road to Divorce”
⊕ “The Biggest Financial Mistake”
⊕ “Christmas Changes Everything”
⊕ “Upside-Down Leadership”
⊕ “God’s Perfect Plan for Your Life”
⊕ “What Matters Most in Our Politics”

⊕ “Why You Need God’s Word Every Day”
“Daily Bible Reading Is a Joyful Task That Is Never Complete”

Discover (from Our Daily Bread)
“Learning to See: How to Read the Bible Well”

Facts & Trends
⊕ “The Song of the Redeemed: A Conversation with Keith Getty”

Fathom Magazine
⊕ “Did Paul Really Say That? What Head Coverings and Testicles Can Teach Us About God’s Word”

The Gospel Coalition
⊕ “Broken Vows, Broken World”

⊕ “Divorce and the Goodness of God”

He Reads Truth
Psalm 119
Day 4: “I Have Promised to Keep Your Words” (also on She Reads Truth)

Women & Men in the Word: New Testament
Day 9: “Peter”
Day 1: “Jesus”

Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun
Day 19: “The Teacher’s Conclusion”
Day 3: “The Emptiness of Work”
Day 2: “The Limitations of Wisdom”
Day 1: “Everything Is Futile”

Promises of God
She Reads Truth Podcast—”Promises of God, Week # 1: Biblical Promises & Blessings in Christ”

1, 2 & 3 John: This Is Love
Day 10: “Effective Prayer”
Day 9: “Loving Our Brothers and Sisters”
Day 2: “Keeping God’s Commands”
She Reads Truth Podcast 1, 2 & 3 John, Week # 2: “Fearless Love & Facing the Unknown”
She Reads Truth Podcast 1, 2 & 3 John, Week # 1: “Love Letters & Light in the Darkness”

His Love Endures: A Lenten Study of Jeremiah
Day 49: “Resurrection Sunday”
Day 48: “Holy Saturday”
Day 47: “Good Friday”
Day 46: “Thursday: The Last Supper”
Day 45: “Wednesday: Jesus Is Anointed for Burial”
Day 44: “Tuesday: Jesus Teaches in the Temple”
Day 43: “Monday: Jesus Cleanses the Temple”
Day 42: “Palm Sunday”
Day 5: “Jeremiah Appointed as Examiner”
Day 4: “True Repentance”
Day 3: “The Call of Jeremiah”
Day 2: “The Prophet and the Promise”
She Reads Truth Podcast—His Love Endures, Week 1: “Lent & Looking to the Cross”

Day 3: “To Live Is Christ”
Day 2: “Thanksgiving and Prayer”
Day 1: “Paul’s Opening Words”
She Reads Truth Podcast—Philippians, Week 1: “Gratitude & God’s Upside-Down Kingdom”

Genesis: Back to the Beginning
Day 5: “God’s Covenant with Noah”
Day 4: “The Flood”
Day 3: “Cain and Abel”
Day 2: “The Temptation and the Fall”
Day 1: “The Creation”
She Reads Truth Podcast—Genesis, Week 1: “Gardens & Good Intentions”

Advent 2019: A Thrill of Hope
Day 27: “The Magi Visit the Christ Child”
Day 25: “The Birth of Jesus”
Day 16: “The True Light”
Day 9: “God with Us”
Day 1: “The First Sunday of Advent”
She Reads Truth Podcast—Advent, Week 4
She Reads Truth Podcast—Advent, Week 3
She Reads Truth Podcast—Advent, Week 2
She Reads Truth Podcast—Advent, Week 1

Mourning and Dancing
Day 11: “Injustice and Justice”
Day 3: “Sin and Redemption”
She Reads Truth Podcast—Mourning and Dancing, Week 2

Psalms of Rest
Day 1: “The Lord Is My Shepherd” (also on She Reads Truth)

1 & 2 Kings: Our God Reigns
Day 26: “Jerusalem Destroyed”
Day 3: “Building the Temple”
Day 2: “The Lord Appears to Solomon”
Day 1: “King David’s Last Days”

I Am: Statements of Our Savior
Day 12: “I Am the Alpha and the Omega”
Day 2: “Before Abraham Was, I Am”
Day 1: “Who Do You Say That I Am?”

Day 19: “Concluding Exhortation”
Day 18: “Carry One Another’s Burdens”
Day 17: “The Spirit Versus the Flesh”
Day 16: “Freedom of the Christian”
Day 15: “Sarah and Hagar: Two Covenants”

The Lord Is Our God: The Prophecies of Zechariah & Malachi
Day 19: “The Day of the Lord”
Day 18: “Judgment at the Lord’s Coming”
Day 17: “Warning to the Priests”
Day 16: “Disobedience of the Priests”
Day 15: “The Lord’s Love for Israel”

In Spirit & in Truth: A Study of Biblical Worship
Day 12: “Worship Through Proclamation”
Day 11: “Worship Through Sacrifice”
Day 10: “Worship Through Celebration”
Day 1: “What Is Worship?”

Men & Women in the Word: Old Testament
Day 52: “Daniel”
Day 40: “Tamar”
Day 31: “Naomi and Ruth”
Day 30: “Gideon”
Day 29: “Deborah and Barak”
Day 15: “Jacob”
Day 9: “Rebekah”
Day 3: “Abraham”

Revelation: Worthy Is the Lamb
Day 11: “The Proclamation of Three Angels”
Day 10: “The Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth”
Day 9: “The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon”

Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality
Day 5: “Making Room for Your Betrayers”
Day 2: “Making Room for Your Neighbor”

Because He Lives: An Easter Study
Day 26: “Jesus Brings Us Home”
Day 16: “Our Savior on the Emmaus Road”
Day 11: “Our Savior Is Handed Over”

Day 1: “Our Need for Home”

Job: Suffering and the God Who Speaks
Day 26: “The Restoration of Job”
Day 1: “The Setting of the Test”

1 & 2 Peter: Our Living Hope
Day 19: “To Him Be the Glory”
Day 3: “A Holy People”
Day 1: “A Living Hope”

Luke: The Good News
Day 33: “The Reality of the Risen Jesus”
Day 32: “The Death of Jesus”
Day 31: “The Plot to Kill Jesus”
Day 30: “The Coming of the Son of Man”
Day 29: “The Authority of Jesus Challenged”

Influence Magazine
⊕ “Is Ambition a Virtue?”

In Touch Magazine
⊕ “Goodness in the Gift”
⊕ “The Life and Death of the Proverbs 31 Woman” (with Laurin Greco)
⊕ “Ending on a Low Note”
⊕ “The Other Resurrection”
⊕ “Love’s Demolition”
⊕ “Sound Across the Sea”
⊕ “When Jesus Invites Himself Over”
⊕ “God’s Other Gift to the World”
⊕ “Blessings of the Once and Future Kingdom”
⊕ “A Different View of the Beatitudes”
⊕ “The Strength to Finish”
⊕ “Wired for Community”
⊕ “Am I Missing Out?”
⊕ “When We Forget Who We Are”

Moody Radio
In the Market with Janet Parshall—”Insight on the World Around Us”
Perry and Shawna Mornings—”Breathe the Air of God”

Ken and Deb Mornings—”John Greco: The Ascent”

Our Daily Bread
“Learning to See: How to Read the Bible Well”
“Why This World’s Pain Won’t Last Forever”

The Passion Translation Blog
⊕ “Longing for Our New Home”
⊕ “Hidden Treasure in the Psalms”

“What Charlie Brown Taught Me About the Bible”
“Here’s How You Can Actually Change Your Workplace’s Culture”

“The Forgotten Element of Romance”
⊕ “Rocking the Safety Dance”

Single Matters
“Four Secrets to Financial Success and the One Reason They Matter”
⊕ “Is It Unholy to Want God’s Blessings Now?” Blog
“Bible Study Lessons: 5 Questions to Get to Know the Bible”
“4 Sermon Ideas to Start the New Year Right”
“Church Hospitality: A Short Guide”
“QuickBooks Online Integration for Churches: 4 Things You Must Know”
“10 Christmas Sermons to Make Pastors Merry and Bright”
“5 Ways to Be the Church in a Pandemic”
“The Post-Pandemic and Your Church: 4 Ways to Build Community”
“Online Attendance Down? Here are 4 Ways to Re-Engage Your Church”

“The Songs of Ascent” YouVersion Reading Plan 

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