The Hands-On Savior

“Jesus tends to his people individually. He personally sees to our needs. We all receive Jesus’ touch. We experience his care.”

—Max Lucado

When we had our third son a few years back, my wife, Laurin, and I realized we had a problem. Neither of our cars could accommodate all the car seats we needed. So, we bought a minivan. I can assure you, I’ve never paid so much for something I didn’t want.

However, because it’s the newest car we own, the thing has more bells and whistles on it than we know what to do with. When I first got it, we headed out of town on a family trip, and I spent ten minutes trying to figure out how to open the gas tank. But that wasn’t my only technical challenge. It took me months to get the car to remember where I like the driver’s seat. A long time ago, I gave up trying to set the stations on the radio. And to this day, I’m not sure if the cruise control is automatic, or the minivan doesn’t have it, or it doesn’t work. It probably does, somehow.

I tried looking things up in the owner’s manual. That helped some. But do you know what was better? I called my brother and asked him questions. He bought the same van for his family a couple of years before we got ours, so he knows it inside and out.

You may have heard that the Bible is like the owner’s manual for the Christian life. Without it, we’d just fumble our way through, getting things wrong and missing out on all that God has for us. While the Bible is certainly a must-read for every believer, life with Jesus is rather different than operating a minivan. Jesus knows you and His plan for your life, inside and out. Read the Bible, sure, but talk to Jesus too. He can help you figure things out.

The Ascent: A Devotional Adventure through the Book of Psalms is now available. If you’ve already read it, please leave a review on Amazon. That will help other people find it. Thanks in advance!

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